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April 10, 2011
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TBOS Character Sheet - Lautz by T-Finbo TBOS Character Sheet - Lautz by T-Finbo
Name: Sir Gerhart Lautz

Age: (it appears something was typed here, but it has been crudley scribbled out. Hmm.)

Physical description: His height is changeable, but in his usual form he's around 5"7. Completely blank, white eyes, and usually has a creepy, oversized grin on his face. Translucent black skin, as he is his own shadow. Lautz usually has his arms slightly elongated, and therefore they are thin and stick-like, but he can retract them back to normal if he so wishes. His hair is a light grey.

Chosen by: The Book (Lautz: I wouldn't exactly call that chosen, Miss Finbo :/ Me: Quiet Lautz, I'm writing your character sheet :P)

Gift description: A page. It appears to be covered in coffee stains.

Personality: Sir Lautz is your typical everyday royalty, 5th in line to be the head of the house and haughty as - hey wait, scratch that. Lautz is your very antitypical rich kid. As much as he likes to keep up appearences in front of strangers, when the mood is less uptight he prefers to show how he really feels, a far cry from the self-centered, snobbish creature he loathes to see himself as.
In reality, Lautz is quite the caring type. Even if he currently doesn't show it, he's probably worrying about someone's wellbeing. He is often told off for stealing food from the kitchens to give the less well off folk on the city streets.
If there's anything Lautz hates, it's any comments about his current... state of being. He takes what most people say to heart, especially the jokes about him not currently having one. (Lautz: I do so have a heart! Me: Yes, we know Lautz, it's fine, nobody's making fun of anyone here ^^;)

History: Lautz was born a sickly child, but strong willed, nonetheless. His weak and frail body slowly succumbed to disease, and the members of the house feared he would be lost to the abyss. His mother had already suffered much mental and physical pain, losing two of her previous children at childbirth, and so healers from around the county were called to help, not only for Lautz's health but for his mother's mentality. Weaving together threads of hope, the healers carefully stitched Lautz's soul and conscience to his shadow, leaving his hollow shell of a body to be hidden away. Even Lautz himself couldn't tell you where his own body is.
As Lautz grew up, he was treated just like any other child of the house. But that never stopped him questioning. Does being a shadow make him any less of a person? After all, the sun dare not even go where he stands.

Abilities: Being a shadow does have it's benefits. Lift up your hand now. You can see you can distort, stretch, increase the size of the shadow you cast across your surroundings. The very same with Lautz, except it's a lot more obvious. Physical attacks would go right through him, seing as he isn't really made of... stuff, his clothing and staff have an enchantment so he can wear/use them. Despite this flaw, Lautz can use his spirit to pick up objects, in a similar way to poltergeists. The staff has no magical power whatsoever, he just uses it as a focus.

Har har, this be for [link]

Hey look, his audition story is here [link]

Oh? What's this? Lautz has a... theme? [link]
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Logan-Spartan125 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
I like ur character! If we both get into the tournement and my oc comes across urs.... guess what? Lautz will stay! (if i win our round if it ever happens)
T-Finbo Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaay ^^ (Lautz nods his appreciation) It will be so cool to come up with how our characters react to each other though if we both get in :D
Logan-Spartan125 Featured By Owner May 21, 2011
yes i also love his theme! X3
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You appear to have had a lot of fun with this answering business. ^___^ Add's a great deal of character to the process.
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